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Succession planning

A facilitated workshop to help Board members and management ensure that the right skills, knowledge, experience and personal qualities are in place to lead the organisation in the future.

  • Do you rely on the same ‘fabulous few’ to push your organisation forward?
  • Worried what might happen if you lost key personnel?
  • Are their skills or knowledge gaps on your Board or within management that may constrain future development?

Your future plans will require the participation and support of a Board and management team with the competencies to lead and deliver the vision and strategy. Using a facilitated workshop programme is a great way to identify the competency gaps or areas to strengthen and develop an action plan that is supported by everyone.

Every Succession planning programme is different and we will work with you to develop a workshop or series of workshops to suit your specific needs.

How we work

We will tailor our Succession planning workshop to your needs and we are flexible to ensure the best outcome for you.

We will help you prepare a succession plan built upon the organisation’s needs in the future as well as the skills, knowledge, experience and personal qualities in the team currently.

Factors for success

  • The right environment. We will create an environment that encourages people to step outside their routine to reflect upon the competencies today and those necessary for future success.
  • Every participant matters! Everyone has a contribution to make and we encourage all to get involved, share ideas and interact with others.
  • A focus on the future. We will help you identify the future needs of the organisation and keep everyone focused upon the development of an action plan for strong succession.

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