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Are your job interviews a song and dance?

The media reported last week that a national retail chain (no names to spare their blushes!) had asked an applicant to dance at a job interview. This did not curry favour with the prospective employee and so ended a potentially beautiful relationship.

By coincidence, the BBC launched this year’s Strictly Come Dancing series over the weekend. When asked what he expected to see from the new celebrity contestants, one of the judges needed only one word: “talent”! It was a perfect answer.

Is there a perfect answer to an invitation to dance at a job interview? A confident ”I will, if you will” might be revealing!

Here are three tips to help you find the talent you expect from your selection process:

1. It takes two to tango!

Recruitment is not just about you the employer. It’s in everyone’s interest that applicants also make an informed decision about whether the job and your organisation is right for them. Provide opportunities for the curious to gain insight, as well as gather information, about your organisation and the job role, for example, the service ethos within your team and opportunities for their personal development.

2. Plan your choreography.

You know the skills, knowledge, experience and personal qualities you need but think carefully about a selection plan to assess whether applicants meet your expectations. Everything from the questions in your application form to those asked at interview have a role to play. Focused tasks and exercises are a great way of exploring behaviours and competency but beware of stunts that might distract from what’s really important.

3. All the world’s a stage!

Create an environment where talented applicants have the opportunity to shine!Allow sufficient time for the process and think about the way you engage with them: are the interview questions too wordy? Is the interview space somewhere they will be able to relax and express themselves freely?


Published Date: 11th September 2013
Category: Fresh Thinking, General, Team Building, Work Smarter