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Good governance

A one day programme on good governance and the practical steps to take to assess and improve it in your organisation.

  • Do you know governance is important but are not sure what it means for you?
  • Would you like to improve the way your Board works?
  • Are you starting a new organisation and want to get governance right from day one?

Governance is often defined as the systems by which organisations are run. But it is more that this: it is about everything from strategy development to how well people are protected from harm or liability. As such, it has implications for every aspect of an organisation, from how decisions are made to the way that day-to-day activities are planned and undertaken.

Whether you are starting something new or involved in an existing organisation, our one day course will provide you with a better understanding of governance and the practical steps to take to assess it, address problems and ensure good governance.

About our programme

The one day course will demystify governance and provide practical tools, techniques and tips for people to take away. There will be a focused and interactive mix of short presentations and breakout time.

Relevant theory and legal aspects will be made easily accessible. Your tutor will share their practical experience of good governance across a range of different organisations.

What we will cover

Topics covered will include:

  • What is governance and why is it important?
  • Board member roles and responsibilities
  • Working together effectively as a Board
  • How to assess governance in an organisation
  • Things that can go wrong and what to do about them
  • How to organise with governance in mind

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