Are your job interviews a song and dance?

The media reported last week that a national retail chain (no names to spare their blushes!) had asked an applicant to dance at a job interview. This did not curry favour with the prospective employee and so ended a potentially beautiful relationship.

By coincidence, the BBC launched this year’s Strictly…

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Published Date:11th September 2013
Category: Fresh Thinking, General, Team Building, Work Smarter


Financial Blues!

My workshop for students at the University of Oxford on the essentials of business finance was a great opportunity to meet more aspiring business leaders and entrepreneurs.

One of a series of innovation themed events, the evening was part of a wider and joined-up support programme branded The Shed. By…

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Published Date:21st May 2013
Category: Case Study, Fresh Thinking, General, know more, Work Smarter


Welcome to our new website

It’s work in progress with more content to add over the next couple of weeks. Your comments and feedback on what you’ve seen so far will be very welcome!
The idea behind fresh is that we help people to succeed with whatever they want to do at work, in their…

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Published Date:3rd March 2013
Category: Achieve together, Fresh Thinking, General, know more, Work Smarter